The 2016 - 2017 Hunting Season is here.  We are going to have a great season this year.  Here's what you need to know: 

1. NASK/Dixie Access Pass  - The Hunt Club Card no longer exists. To make things simple, you now only purchase one card. Hunters will  purchase the appropriate hunting permit.  (NASK, Dixie or Super Combo) Non-hunters will purchase a NASK/Dixie Access Pass.  The cost is: $25.00   This card is required for all non-hunters age 5 and up who will be accompanying a hunter into the field or using the bunk house at Dixie.

2. Background Checks:  ALL Hunters and Non-Hunters (Age 18 and above) will require a security background check.  Base security will conduct the check once YOU turn in a filled out base access form.  Below is a fillable copy of the form to the e-mail.  Here is a little gouge for filling out the form.

  • Blocks 1-13:  Self-explanatory
  • Blocks 14-19:  You need to submit BOTH your SSN and your Driver's License information. 
  • Blocks 20-24: Self-explanatory
  • Block 25: Active Duty/Dependent/Retiree/basically anyone with base access already, put "SELF".  Guests, list the Sponsor's Information.
  • Blocks 26-28: Leave Blank
  • Blocks 29-30: Self-explanatory

Once it's all filled out, PRINT the form, SIGN & DATE block 31 and return the form to Security Pass & Tag, either in person or  Scan it and E-mail it to: At this point Security will perform the background check.  Please remember that thereis a small staff doing these, so it might take a day or two.  After a couple days, you will need to GO TO SECURITY IN PERSON, and they will give you a "Background check Completion Form" . 

You will NOT be able to purchase your hunting permit or access pass from Community Recreation without this form.

3. Disabled Veteran Discount.  The Disabled Veteran discount has been modified to include ALL Patrons and Guests who qualify as Disabled Veterans in the State of Texas.  All hunters who present ITT with a Texas Type 502 (Disabled Veteran License) will receive the Disabled Veteran Discount.