Victim Advocacy

SAPR Victim Advocates (VA) are standing by to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to talk with someone, don't hesitate. Call the on duty SAPR VA at 361-533-0454 or the DOD SAFE HELPLINE (877-995-5247). 

Victim Advocates:

Every SAPR VA must act with integrity, treat all victims with dignity and compassion, and uphold the SAPR VA Code of Ethics. If you are an active duty member and are interested in becoming a certified VA, please contact the installation SARC at 361-516-6333 or 361-533-0129.

The SAPR VA’s role within the command is to:

•Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the victim.
•Advocate for the victim.
•Provide support, information and education to the victim.
•Provide information about medical, investigative, and legal services.
•Accompany the victim to interviews and appointments, if requested.
•Perform crisis intervention with the victim.
•Collaborate with the SARC and members of the Sexual Assault Case Management Group (CMG) to ensure the victim’s needs are met (only applies to Unrestricted Reports). Visit to learn more about the CMG and read letters from CMG members.

The DoD Safe Helpline (877-995-5247):
When the 877 number is called (24 hours a day/7 days a week), a DoD Safe Helpline representative (a trained and qualified SAPR VA) will answer the call.

If the victim desires, the DoD Safe Helpline representative will attempt a warm hand-off to the local SAPR VA by calling the NASK SAPR VA  onduty. If the warm hand-off occurs, the local SAPR VA will provide advocacy/support and case management immediately in accordance with current policy.

If the call to the local SAPR VA is not answered immediately, the Safe Helpline representative will discuss options with the victim. The victim will be given the choice of leaving a message with the local SAPR VA or receiving assistance from other assets offered by the Safe Helpline representative (e.g., hospital info, Chaplain, local Rape Crisis Center, etc.).

The DoD Safe Helpline representative will also provide the victim with their options for filing a restricted or unrestricted report.