Advertising & Sponsorship

MWR can provide your organization with a unique opportunity to market your company and its product and services to an exclusive military population. Both direct advertising opportunities and event sponsorship provide your organization with a full promotional mix to gain exposure and potential market share. Commercial sponsorship and advertising is an authorized way for Navy MWR activities to offset the cost of programs and services. Sponsorship is received in the form of in-kind services and financial support in exchange for public recognition, advertising consideration and/or product promotion at MWR events. All revenues generated through sponsorship help improve the quality of life of Sailors and family members at Naval Air Station Kingsville.


  • Provides 50% of the Navy and Marine Corps jet/strike naval aviators
  • Home to 22 tenant commands and activities, including a National Guard Reserve Center
  • Active Duty & Reservists: 664
  • Flight Students: 174
  • Active Duty Dependents: 3,000
  • Civilian Employees & Government Contractors: 850
  • Retired & their dependents within 100 mile radius: 93,320
  • Total base employment compensation is estimated at $136 million.

NRSE Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities FY20